I am no longer selling my creations to the general public. I am taking a break from making my items for sell and am enjoying making them again at my own time and leisure. I will still be posting items that I have made for friends, family and myself but I am not taking anymore customer orders. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks to all of my loyal customers who bought from me in the past. I had a lot of fun creating unique embroidery items for you!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Boy!!

My sister-in-law came down for the weekend and on Saturday we had an all day sewfest!  She sewed and I embroidered and we managed to get almost five outfits completed for her son.  All of this was in the midst of 6 kids running around in complete chaos! We had a blast though as always and she was very excited with the end result of the outfits! 
What a cutie crab!  Applique from http://www.embroidery-boutique.com/
This is the Martha Pullen jon-jon pattern(Martha Pullen's favorite applique book).  I  highly reccomend it for a beginner sewer.  It is fully lined and and is so simple to put together.  Anchor from http://www.embroidery-boutique.com/ and initials in Boyz Are Gross font. I don't make jon-jons for sale, sorry :(  I only make them for my boys and family. I just don't have the time to devote to sewing large orders of them. 
Fishing lure with initials from http://www.appliquecafe.com/.  I love the initials hanging off  the lure.  My sister-in-law named all her kids with ABC initials, so no we were not just going with a alphabet theme! LOL :)
Cute sailboat from http://www.sewforum.com/. This was our last  jon-jon that we got cut out and appliqued, but we didn't have time to sew it together.

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