I am no longer selling my creations to the general public. I am taking a break from making my items for sell and am enjoying making them again at my own time and leisure. I will still be posting items that I have made for friends, family and myself but I am not taking anymore customer orders. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks to all of my loyal customers who bought from me in the past. I had a lot of fun creating unique embroidery items for you!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Backpack and Lunchbox

 Going back to school means time for a new backpack. Cooper really loves backpacks and so he had alot of fun picking out the color he wanted and then the perfect design to go on it. He can't wait for the first day of school to wear it proudy.
I used fine point font with the rocket applique from http://www.planetapplique.com/.  The backpack and lunchbox are  http://www.ohmint.com/ brand.  I love their blanks they are perfect for embroidery. 
After finishing Cooper's backpack carter had to have a  backpack also, so for  his birthday I got him a backpack. He was excited to see his name on it since he usually gets Coopers hand me downs! I used lima bean font. Backpack is http://www.stephenjosephgifts.com/ brand .  For you local folks I picked them up at Kidz Kottage on Dawes, they seem to have the best price in town.

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